We guarantee the preservation of information with limited access and protection of personal data of users of postal services (hereinafter - Users), including when using the official site 30ua.info, mobile applications, application software interfaces and applications, payments and transfers by payment systems, etc. (hereinafter - the Services).

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is aimed at publicly informing Users about the procedure for collecting (processing), storing, transmitting personal data and information provided in the framework of providing the Services. By using the Services, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions of the Policy.

Before using the Services, please read the Policy.

Collection of personal data

Personal data - information or a set of information about the User who is identified or can be specifically identified.

Impersonal information - information that is not tied to a specific User of the Services.

Personal data processed by 30ua.info includes contact data provided by Users when using the Services (surname, name, patronymic, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.); which is used to pay for goods and services; numbers and history of postal items, etc. The information is obtained when using the Services by the User, including using the site, mobile applications, etc. The data is transferred by the Users voluntarily in order to enable the fulfillment of obligations under the Services.

Impersonal information is used exclusively for the production of statistics and to improve the Services, including informing the User about new Services. In particular, in the case of using a mobile application, - the version of the operating system, the approximate location of the mobile device in the case of self-consent by the User to use geo-location, IP-address of the device, date and time of authorization in the mobile application.

Use of information

The information received by the Company is used for:

  • assessment and analysis of the market, customers, products and services provided by 30ua.info;
  • effective customer service;
  • providing updates and technical support for the Services.